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AAPS Letter to AMA Re: Ivermectin and COVID

On what basis does AMA demand use only within a clinical trial for ivermectin, but call for virtually universal vaccination outside of controlled trials, despite FDA warnings of potential cardiac damage in healthy young patients, and no information about long-term effects?

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Medical stethoscope on the stack of paper

My Expulsion from Medical Practice 
Censorship and economic ruin threaten dissenting physicians

Australian doctor for over 30 years, I suddenly finds himself completely isolated from people he knew, and from humanity. In this situation, there seems to be no way to help with healing or caring or treating, because he has been expelled like a priest excommunicated from the church.He has been cancelled. Little wonder why doctors follow the narrative.

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Natural Remedies To Boost Immune System With Video By Sachin Goyal

Covid-19 Protection of the Common Cold

University of Glasgow - scientists say it appears cold-causing rhinovirus trumps coronavirus. The benefits might be short-lived but rhinovirus is so widespread, they add, it could still help to suppress Covid.

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Covid Care Alliance: join people all over the world

The effects of COVID-19 and associated restrictions will be felt for decades. In these fast-changing and unprecedented times, decisions made by governments, the international community and the private sector are fundamental in shaping the trajectory of the pandemic and its impact on people worldwide.

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