Booster’s Every Three Months – Vax Status Period Halves Again


Every three months the vaccinated become unvaccinated if they miss their booster injection. This will not stop soon, unless everyone stands up to the tyranny.

A few weeks ago there was a joke article, saying that booster dose frequency would double with each dose, going from 6 months, to 3 months, and so on, leading to a “singularity point” next July when the booster frequency becomes infinite.

Little did we know, that my joke so far is becoming “not a joke” and policymaking geniuses did indeed halve the booster period again, from 6 months to 3 months. Boosters in the UK will now move from 6 months to 3 months.


Redoubling efforts, is doubling profits of Pfizer, to avoid reckoning and explaining their failures to people. More death, more adverse events will all be related to the actual manufactured and so called ‘virus’. It will never be acknowledged that it is the vaccine.

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