In the Spotlight: SA Virologist Warns of Another Wave

“Unfortunately, we will always have the coronavirus. The virus mutates. Certainly we will have another wave, probably at the end of [September]. We hope it will be much milder. People who are not vaccinated should get the jab. Covid-19 is not over,” Schoub told eNCA.

A “Cure” Worse Than the Disease!

Dr. Gregory Michael, a 56-year-old Florida physician who, after receiving his first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccine on December 18 of last year, was hospitalized with a blood disorder and spontaneous bleeding. In spite of being treated by a team of physicians, he died of a brain bleed due to total loss of his platelets — the little blood cells that stop bleeding.

Is it Snake Venom Poisoning? Is it in the Water?

brown snake on brown soil

So, the world premier of “Watch The Water” documentary came out this week. The documentary certainly contained some shocking content, to say the least. Dr. Bryan Ardis makes a compelling case that the symptomology of Covid-19 disease, Covid-19 jab-related adverse events, and Remdesivir-related adverse events are all analagous to snake venom poisoning.


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A precedented tactic is to remove dissenting doctors from their positions as journal editors, reviewers and retracting of their scientific papers from journals, even after these papers have been in print. Until this pandemic event, I have never seen so many journal papers being retracted— the vast majority promoting alternatives to official dogma, especially if the papers question vaccine safety.

Doctor who discovered Omicron: ‘I was ordered to label this variant serious’

Coetzee revealed that she was being threatened by “scientists”, among others, who had ordered her not to disclose that the new variant only caused mild complaints. They told her to adapt her story: “I then said that Omicron is a harmless disease in South Africa and a very serious disease in Europe because I had to tell European politicians that,” said Coetzee.