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A New Journey Ahead of Us

Did you ever imagine that our health freedom would come into question and even more so, be at risk of losing it? That family and friends once so close could become completely divided over the free choice to vaccinate or not? And when did the medical aid supplier become the judge of our health and push the use of a vaccine that is in the trial phase? If you, like many others, are looking for a solution that respects health choice, read on!

Pro Choice My Choice

Whether vaccinated or not, have we not learnt that to stigmatise a health condition (HIV/AIDS) or demonize a person (vaccinated vs unvaccinated) for standing for what they believe, is not in our best interest and that of society? Look around at the intentional use of words to cause division. Who are these people?

Personal Risk 101

To thrive in the new normal, greater awareness of what is at play is required more than ever now. Family, friends and colleagues who have previously followed a vaccination schedule are now discriminated against, demonized and verbally abused because of their valid concern specifically with the unknown ingredients in what is purported to be a ‘vaccine’? What about the respect for choice or even deeper, for religious beliefs?

Standing As One

No matter your decision to vaccinate or not, do you agree that during such times standing together is vitally important to the outcome of what is before each one us. Can we agree that NO medical insurer or life insurer should have any involvement in our free choice to vaccinate or any health intervention? Where is the line being drawn?

If like me, and believe in the God given human immune system being far more effective than a pharmaceutical vaccine induced immunity, causing untold side effects, then you have greater insights than 95% of those pushing for vaccine mandates. It is a myth that vaccines and booster shots will determine our fate. In our work, we teach in breathtaking detail the magic of how our diet, lifestyle, our thoughts, and our gut bacteria or microbiome, "support" our immunity, regulating our genes that get turned on or off, or turned up or down. This intrinsically influences every aspect of our health, the way we protect ourselves and our loved one's.

Your Uniqueness

Health equality means giving every person the same thing, health equity means giving people what they truly need to reach their optimal health. Does your medical scheme see you as unique and respect your health choice? Has your broker or medical aid done anything to show you how to take preventative actions to support your immune system and how to go about improving your health to reduce your plan option? Your immunity to a virus or disease is largely determined by the saturation of nutrients you put into your body - from what you eat or don't eat. Using the correct nutrition to improve a weakened immune system is vital to optimal wellbeing.

Community Pressure

Our constitution protects our rights, including our health freedom to choose an intervention or not. The international Nuremberg Code which the world subscribes to, safeguards against human medical experiments without informed consent. Our belief in free will plays a major role in our country. Being coerced and/or threatened with job loss, discriminated against, stigmatised or other consequence is against everything our constitution stands for. Today, for some reason, it is real. If anyone is meant to take any medical treatment it must be done under the acceptance of being fully informed. The lack of informed consent today has led friends, family and colleagues to be injected with a substance that is unknown to the patient.

A Repeating Theme
The Nuremberg

Are you witness Every human being has a choice to be part of an experimental medical trial.

On September 15, 1935 the Nazi party initiated the Nuremberg Laws, a new series of law codes that legally cemented the principles of Nazi ideology. The Nuremberg Race Laws were the first in the Third Reich to allow doctors to act without their patients’ express consent in medical procedures. Other laws were passed through the Reichstag after the Nuremberg Laws, such as the “Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor,” and each one removed more of the patients’ rights until they were voiceless the second they entered a Nazi medical facility. 

The Nuremberg Laws: Creating a Culture of Hatred

Reference from: The Nuremberg Laws:  Creating the Road to the T-4 Program

So Here’s The 


What's it worth to have your decision respected to 'retain your health freedom' and 'religious liberty' to any health intervention being prescribed by your medical aid provider or assurer whom you chose?

Its Worth Everything!

I Will Never Give It Up!

Then join others take the decision to embrace the opportunity of Pro-Choice providers for your medical aid and insurance covers!

Learn what it means to be healthy, in shape of an sharp mind! Invest your premium savings into yourself and your family’s health.

How?  No worries, our alliance partners have you covered by taking the decision and guesswork out of finding the right provider!

Unique service partners with over 25 years in healthcare, financial planning, regenerative and alternative medicine and even personal trainer’s. Doing so, will position you to buy down and pay less.    



If you oppose the push for vaccine mandates and discriminatory actions taken by the executives of the medical scheme and insurer – this is your time to join others take a principled and strategic decision to embrace the opportunity of a New Home for your medical aid and insurance covers?

After 25 years in healthcare and 10 years in regenerative and alternative medicine, our focus is on improving the health of all clients  so that they have the health confidence to buy down and pay less on a hospital plan. The goal is to invest your medical aid premium into yourself and into your family’s health.   


  • Up to a R45,000 per annum savings on premiums (plan dependant)
  • the largest self-administered scheme.
  • One OF THE TOP 4 LARGEST medical schemes in the country.
  • A scheme that is ranked at the forefront of customer experience in the 2020 and 2021 South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SA-csi).
  • – Winner of the 2020 Ask Afrika Orange Index® award for service excellence in the medical aid industry category.


Up to R45,000 in savings per annum
Contribution Example M+1
Hospital Plan
Current medical scheme premium: R3,691 pm

Comparable Suggested Option: R 2,790 pm

Upgrade with R501 savings per month
Pay less than current hospital only plan of R3410
Contribution Example M+3
Hospital Plan with Savings
Current medical scheme premium: R9,420 pm

Comparable Suggested Option: R 7,241 pm
A scheme that is ranked at the forefront of customer experience in the 2020 and 2021 South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SA-csi)
Winner of the 2020 Ask Afrika Orange Index® award for service excellence in the medical aid industry category.
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Complete the contact form and once received we will connect.

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Jot down your needs and requirements for cover.

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Receive a like-for-like or reduction in cost comparison.

Step Four

Return the application and acceptance is in within 5 days. And no waiting periods.

Did You Know?

Health, Immuninty and The Struggle with Excess Weight

Obesity is, along with cancer, the main global epidemic worldwide. 350 million people are considered obese, and 1.1 billion overweight. In most cases this is a preventable pathological condition caused by the excessive accumulation of body fat that leads to 2.8 million deaths per year, due to associated risk factors such as cardiovascular, inflammatory diseases, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

Did You Know?

Why are genetics important in managing weight?

In most cases struggling to lose weight is caused by a combination of lifestyle choices (processed foods, sedentary routine) and genetic variability (different responses to nutrition and exercise), the same diet and physical activity can have very different effects on different people. Genetics and environment are extremely important factors in deciding how each person should approach weight management.

“I learnt that I had many factors that contributed to fear of my ill healthand contracting the panic virus called Covid-19. The traditional health system does not get one well. Rather they medicate you into the depth of depression. As we can see today, the majority follow what is told to them by the pharmaceutical companies. All my life I lived in fear which has kept me on a top medical aid plan just in case any health issue arises. It was all fear based and even worse today with a fake pandemic. The partners of CCA took a deeper look at my needs for cover, my lifestyle, pathology work, my genetics and the biological pathways at play inside my body. That is when I started to understand which personalised, targeted changes to make to achieve and maintain the results I'd always been chasing.” And now I have downgraded my medical aid, saving tens of thousands every month and have the guarantee that my immune system is enough if supported with the correct nutrition and supplements.
Bella Jenkins

Health Investment

Giving into the draconian control measures today, what will that mean for you tomorrow? Investing in your choice to choose any medical therapy and your wellbeing is even more important today than paying away exorbitant premiums to an insurer that knows how to market its complexity.

Studies and experience have shown us that our reaction to certain foods, medication and diets, differ quite substantially in comparison to our friends and family, and this is likely due to the differences in our genetic makeup and their interaction with the environment. One size does not fit all! Humans are 99.5% the same, but that 0.5% makes all the difference. Our network partner’s will help you find your difference!

There are only a few people that truly understand their their health risk and their risk of future disease. That is one thing Covid-19 has shown us. People live in fear of getting a virus that is said to cause death. Going through a personalised  assessment will give you a plan to manage your health risk and insurance costs. And on top of this, if you go all the way, their program includes a steps whereby all interventions, use natural medicine. 


Yours Now When You Join Us!



Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot:

We partner with a number of authorised financial services provider’s with a national footprint that spans across Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, the Eastern and Western Cape.

We also partner with functional and natural health practitioners. In our legal applications we team up with other attorneys and advocates.

This question has been the driving factor behind ongoing research into the escalating increase in health cost and financial portfolio’s. We live in a world that now believes in prevention ahead of cure, and their work is equipping you to safeguard your financial provision and health vitality by implementing subtle but important changes.

During such draconian times, to find a provider that is PRO-CHOICE is the first objective. That is what you will get as the provider’s have done their job in finding these medical schemes and or insurance companies. Once you have submitted your details, the advisor who is working on your matter will present what is available in comparison to what you have now. In this way you are never left with less than you have. You will always be covered according to your needs. 

Own Your Health Freedom

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The smartest decision you can make if you agree that you are different from the crowd and know that your innate immunity can protect you against all disease and health risks. A few other health insights ....