Faith and Freedom with Dr. Mike Yeadon


Dr. Mike Yeadon is the former chief scientist and VP for respiratory research and development at a major drug company. Then he co-founded a successful biotech. Dr. Yeadon sold the company and planned to enjoy his retirement in the United Kingdom until he saw the propaganda that is being spread throughout the world regarding the injections, masks and lockdowns.

Hear this exclusive five-part series as Dr. Yeadon uncovers the truth and how people should respond.


1. Are You Getting the Truth About COVID Shots? (6/21/2021)

2. Cutting Through COVID Misinformation (6/22/2021)

3. What Are Some of the COVID Lies? (6/23/2021)

4. Is the Vaccine Passport a Threat to Your Freedom? (6/24/2021)

5. Are COVID Shots Designed for Depopulation? (6/25/2021)

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