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    • Experts Speaking Out
      In todays world of medical practitioners, scientists, legal professional, health experts, the spiritually enlightened and the average man, can under the banner of freedom to speak out, share their truth from their experience and expertise.
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    • Library of Valuable Links
      The group is about posting valuable links and quality sources of information, statistical data, health information, testominals and more. Moderator of this group is required. Message Admin if interested.
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    • Psychological Effects of the Covid Environment
      I would like to create a chat group to find out if others are also experiencing possible psychological effects such as panic attacks, anxiety etc. What is causing this? What can we do to alleviate these symptoms?
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    • Dark Psychology – Forcing the Narrative
      The forum exposes the way the current narrative is being forced. When the freedom to choose is being violated and the drive of social pressure changes behaviour of a normally rational being. The sharing of these posts is not to endorse what is being done, but to allow everyone to make an informed decision and become aware of the tactics of evil pharma and mainstream media.
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