Covid-19 vaccines – the raging debate after Dr Susan Vosloo’s controversial video
17th August 2021 by Nadya Swart of Biznews

A transcipt of Dr Vosloo’s comments made in the webinar that have had the medical fraternity dissociate themselves from her. How is that possible when evidence and expert opinion is being presented while warning the people.

Excerpt: Dr Vosloo states

I think if one wants to put some perspective just for this country briefly; the expected usual deaths from flu annually is about 0.1% to 0.3% of the population. Now if we just consider our country that has a population of just over 60 million – the death rate so far is about 72,000 in about a year and a half. So if you calculate the deaths per thousand of the population or in terms of the total population – we are at 0.12% compared to the US that is at 0.18% nearly 0.19% and the whole world is at 0.05%. So for such a small number of potential deaths, there’s been huge implications for the normal and healthy society.

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