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NHS Nurses served Notice of Liability for any harm caused to children by the Covid-19 vaccine they were there to administer at UK School

Concerned parents have served a notice of liability to two NHS nurses in a school in England in relation to the vaccination of children with the Covid-19 injection.

The NHS nurses were in the school to give children the experimental Covid-19 injection and were willing to listen and discuss the concerns of the parents, even admitting they have no idea on the long term consequences of administering an experimental injection to children. However, the tune of the nurses soon changed after they were shown evidence the Covid-19 vaccine is harming and killing children and the concerned parents served the nurses with a notice of liability.

The nurses were informed that “if any harm comes to any child comes to any harm from this facility from a vaccination that has been administered here then you will be held personally liable” as they were served the notice of liability.

To which one of the NHS nurses took great offence and insisted she would not be held personally liable, before telling the parents that its for their child to decide if they will be having the Covid-19 jab due to the Gillick competent rule, and then telling an outright lie.

“Can I let you know now that the people who are in hospital with Covid-19 are those that haven’t had the vaccine.” said the defensive NHS nurse.

To which one of the concerned parents replied “No they’re not that’s an absolute lie.”

The people serving the papers were of course correct that the NHS nurse was lying to them. The latest data available from the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) shows that 60% of those admitted to hospital with Covid-19 over the last four weeks were people who had been vaccinated.


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