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    Inside Pfizer’s labs, ‘variant hunters’ race to stay ahead of the pandemic’s next twist

    if you believe the ongoing narrative that a virus that has not been isolated, now enjoys its survival in various variants, you may need to consider how this has come about. In the first place Covid-19 as a virus has not been isolated.

    Statsnews writes…

    PEARL RIVER, N.Y. — Delta was tearing its way through India and, as the death toll climbed higher, so did the anxiety inside Pfizer’s lab north of New York City. The Covid-19 variant was threatening to undo their work from the past breakneck year, by rendering their acclaimed vaccine ineffective.

    Hundreds of millions of doses have been injected worldwide, but at the Pearl River research center where the vaccine was created, the pace has not let up. A team of “variant hunters,” as they call themselves, race to track changes in the fast-mutating SARS-CoV-2. A “virus farmer” grows the latest variants so researchers can test how they fare against the vaccine. And a colleague known as the “graphing unicorn” converts the data into intelligible results overnight.

    The scientist leading all this work, Phil Dormitzer, was among the first to open the email bearing results of tests on how well Pfizer’s shot worked against Delta. For a heart-stopping moment, he thought the vaccine was indeed less protective against this wildfire of a variant. Then he looked again.

    Why you will need booster shots is exactly because of comments like this . . .

    Delta still has ways to cause more breakthrough infections in vaccinated people: It spreads more efficiently, has a shorter incubation period, and produces a higher viral load in those infected. But the test results showed the vaccine itself was working well.

    Read more here


    I will block this site in totality. This is in the heart of disinformation.

    A pharma supported website. Go read the titles of the articles and see how this push is happening with fake reporting.

    Check the dashboard and see if we in a so called pandemic? Link here

    The go read another article titled ‘How Delta is pushing the U.S. into a new phase of the Covid-19 pandemic ‘ found here.

    Here a a few reader comments on this article: SHOCKING

    As per Dr. Rook below, the mere suggestion that “experts say that the protection provided by Maxine’s appears more robust and durable than that from infection” is such outright gibberish, rubbish, lying, that I don’t know where to start. Where do you people get this stuff? What “experts”? I am happy to share a growing library of evidence that this is a serious misrepresentation. At best, this is irresponsible disinformation being spread by this Pharma-funded website.

    Radbruch and Chang, A long-term perspective on immunity to COVID, Nature, 15 July 2021. Volume 595. Page 359
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    Your citation does not support your claims nor are any of the claims in your other comment here w/ Rook supported.
    the vaccine is now being shown to be very poor for preventing transmission – likely even less effective than masks that were not effective at all.
    Completely unsubstantiated and histrionic to boot.
    At best, this is irresponsible disinformation
    Interesting statement. Worth re-examining this, then:
    the vaccine is now being shown to be very poor for preventing transmission – likely even less effective than masks that were not effective at all.
    Sure smells like irresponsible disinformation.
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    Is your “growing library of evidence” from the same thoroughly and summarily debunked garbage sources of information that you cite on your alternative/natural medicine clinic’s website? From places like Mercola, where the snake oil flows freely to the consumers as their pocketbooks lighten?

    “Interestingly, homeopathy might wind up being one of the better weapons here just as it was during the devastating 1918 flu pandemic. Non MDs practicing homeopathy reported a https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2018/12/06/homeopathic-remedies-for-influenza.aspx than conventional care at that time. Precious little has been researched, some evidence does exist for efficacy. Corona? Remains to be seen.” This came from your blog. Anyone wanting to do a deeper dive there will find some frighteningly irrational thoughts. It is apparent that you are anti-vax practically across the board after having read your blog entries.

    Assertions coming from a physician who peddles in unfounded medical practices that have demonstrably worsened outcomes for patients (second link below, to cite but one example of peer-reviewed research in a relatively high impact factor publication) are not assertions I would run with.

    Ad hominem? Sure. Appropriate? Of course!

    COVID-19 likely a bioweapon with unique characteristics…


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