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    Christians face a variety of ethical challenges in the days ahead. We seem daily to watch the codification of secular humanism, not only in legal statute but also in the nation’s cultural ethos.

    Pagan ideas are not exempt from finding their way down to the day to day of human life.[2] As Judeo-Christian foundations continue to erode, believers in the resurrected King of Kings are left with the challenge of determining whether society’s laws, customs, and expectations are indeed just or not.

    A storm is coming. And if we are going to brave the elements, we must be clear on principle. We will need many debates over application. But those debates depend on having our first principles clear.


    Webinar: 27 October 2021
    Join us for our weekly webinar where we connect on topics with other like-minded friends who seek deeper insights.

    This week, Peter Smanjak will open the discussion on the subject of religion, church and navigating the decision around vaccine mandates. You are welcome to bring along what you believe religious freedom teaches.

    Zoom Meeting ID: 944 1174 8834
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    Time: 19:00

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