Crimes Against Humanity – Dr. Reimer Fuellmich’s Actions

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    They thought they could get away with it, but they have underestimated the talent, resilience and professional abilities of true expert scientists and doctors, working in harmony with some of the best and sharpest legal minds in the world. Just as the Nazis were rounded up for the Nuremberg trials under international law (20 Nov 1945 – 1 Oct 1946), So too those responsible for the destruction of the global economy and resultant deaths due to the harsh ‘lockdowns’ and loss of businesses and employment, under a false emergency scare due to a hoax Covid-19 disease will be brought to book. Those accused of this atrocity will include the World Health Organisation (WHO), The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The advisors to the governments under the control of the WHO, those responsible for the mainstream media scare-mongering AND the politicians directly responsible for their malfeasance in public office will be brought to trial. The courts will be the final arbitrators in this greatest ever genocidal attack on humanity.

    One of the most authoritative interventions combining rigorous science with legal acumen comes from a German-based Coronavirus Investigation Committee that began its deliberations in July 2020. This Committee is seeking international collaborators in all countries.

    The spokesperson in this video is a lawyer licensed to practise in Germany and California. He is Dr. Reimer Fuellmich who puts forward a blockbuster of a presentation rich in data, scientific analysis and legal interpretation. I consider this presentation to be the most incisive analysis to date of what must be done to hold the culprits accountable for “the biggest crime against humanity ever.”


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich, international lawyer has all the evidence that pandemic is crime


    Bio-terrorism, Bio-warfare

    “This is Dr. Peter McCullough being interviewed/deposed by Reiner Fuellmich as part of Fuellmich’s lawsuit(s)
    against certain entities like the CDC, the WHO and numerous others in the World Court and possibly other, individual country venues. Dr. Peter McCullough is possibly the highest-profile person in the world of medical research to have begun telling the truth about this phony pandemic and extremely dangerous bio-weapon that’s being marketed and forced upon the world as a “Covid-19 vaccine.”

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