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    Attorney Tom Renz w/ Jon Rappoport: Ohio Stands Up Against the Crushing of Human Rights Via This Fake COVID Narrative

    An important case, combining the contributions of legal practitioners and scientific experts, is being pressed against the state government of Ohio by the lawyer, Tom Renz. The video highlights a very informative discussion between Renz and the well-known investigative journalist, Jon Rapport.

    Rappaport is a veteran reporter on health issues who has long been very critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci played a controversial role in aspects of the HIV-AIDS controversy that many see as still unresolved. As he is doing in the present crisis, Fauci pushed aside health regulations to disseminate the very expensive supposed remedy, AZT. AZT turned out to be lethal for many of those that received this poisonous and untested false remedy.

    Especially appreciated is Rappaport’s ability in this video to boil down complex issues into simple, plain language. Tom Renz explains his own lead role in the case with similar clarity. Clearly Renz is preparing to wage the good fight for genuine public health based on the application of science rather than on the denigration of science in the cause of societal corruption.

    Follow the action [https://www.ohiostandsup.org/]


    Attorney Thomas Renz joins the program to share his latest and most damning whistleblower data showing proof of a government wide coverup. He shares important data evidence that everyone in the world needs to know as soon as possible. Government and healthcare wrong doers need to stop their activities immediately. Those in current or future lawsuits against any of these perpetrators need to contact Mr. Renz to get the proper documents to use in court. We are fortunate that Renz Law firm and America’s Frontline doctors are working so hard on behalf of all Americans and the world. You can see the latest evidence, learn more about their cases, and contact Thomas Renz at Renz-Law.com


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