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The Fully Vaccinated Exposed

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  • Covid infections and deaths SOAR after the first vaccine dose
    Stunning figures from Canada show a huge spike in cases after vaccinations; to the Centers for Disease Control and the media, all these deaths are occurring in the “unvaccinated.”

    A reader has pointed out an amazing dataset from the province of Alberta, Canada which reports Covid…Read More

  • Forced Corona vaccination is ‘deliberate bodily harm’ says toxicology expert

    A toxicology expert has estimated that in Germany alone there could be 8 0000 dead and 4 million other vaccination victims if a Corona vaccination became compulsory

    Professor Dr. Stefan Hockertz is an immunologist and toxicologist. In an interview with Radio Mün…Read More


    Life insurer refuses to cover vaccine death
    An explosive case is currently being hotly debated on social media: In France, a rich, older entrepreneur from Paris is said to have died as a result of a Corona injection. Previously, he had taken out multi-million dollar life insurance policies for the benefit of his children and…Read More

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    • VAERS website (part of site), where vaccine adverse events are reported. Most medical staff are told they’ll be fired if they report an incident, so only a small percentage of adverse reactions/deaths are reported, and believe me, that is shocking enough. Also, AND life insurance actuaries are reporting an extreme…Read More

  • It gets worse – A comparison of official Government reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome much faster than anticipated

    Latest UK PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report figures on Covid -19 cases show that doubly vaccinated 40-79 year olds have lost 44% of their immune system capability. Their immune s…Read More

  • Expert Gynaecologist says Covid-19 vaccinated individuals may affect unvaccinated women

    Doctor Shelley Cole, a board-certified Obstetrician -Gynaecologist has expressed her concern over the potential threats vaccines for Covid-19 pose to pregnant women.

    “Concern started when we saw that individuals who were not vaccinated, who were around v…Read More

  • 85% of Covid-19 deaths in New South Wales, Australia are among the Fully Vaccinated

    Six of the seven recent Covid-19 deaths in New South Wales, Australia were people who had been vaccinated against the alleged disease.

    Speaking at a press conference, New South Wales Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Marianne Gale said that “tragically today, w…Read More

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