Have You Been Boosted?


Have You Been Boosted?

by Rob and Andrew | Dec 16, 2021

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Here we go again with the mixed messaging from Dr. “Fraud” Fauci regarding COVID-19. First, he told us staying inside and away from others saves lives, but only to be told later to mask up as it saves lives. He and his minions then moved the goal post and said the best way to stop COVID-19 and save lives was with a vaccine and not one but two. And like sheeple, the masses followed the recommendations and got vaxed. For a while, it seemed things were getting back to normal, even with the Delta variant of the virus being found. But suddenly, it all changed when word got out that a new variant of the virus named Omicron was detected. What happened next was to be expected as another vaccine known as a “booster” was pushed by Pfizer and Dr. “Fraud” Fauci. We are now being told to consider getting the “booster” before it is mandated.  

To be clear, the hosts of “After Dark” believe in the vaccine’s efficacy. If you are of a certain age and/or have a comprised immune system, you should consult with your healthcare provider about getting the vaccine and booster. That said, we as Americans have the right to question and refuse any medicinal procedures we don’t agree with. And we should be able to do so without fear of reprisal. 

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