In the Spotlight: SA Virologist Warns of Another Wave

In the Spotlight: SA Virologist Warns of Another Wave


Are you willing to send Prof. Barry David Schoub your 2 cents worth on the facts on Covid-19, the variants, the natural immune system and the millions of recorded adverse events following the so called Covid-19 ‘vaccine’? When you have done, screenshot your message and send it through to us for our collage, or if someone wishes to create one, we welcome that.

We have included a link to his LinkedIn profile.

We are requesting that you post to his page, send him a message or multiple messages, in love., about the true facts and references to what The COVID-19 vaccine is causing.

According to this Nazi supporter for the narrative, hold back your laugh, we are expected to face another wave by the end of September. And all this is due to, drumroll, the low vaccine rates in the country.

Barry Schoub, a leading virologist, flagged that the biggest challenge is the low vaccine uptake.

“It is very low and we need to increase it quite urgently because we’re not totally out of the woods. I don’t think the concept of herd immunity is realistic.


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