Injured by COVID-19 Jab – People Share Their Horror Stories

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  • In June 2021, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson held a news conference with families who shared stories about the injuries they’d suffered as a result of taking the COVID jab
  • September 10, 2021, WXYZ-TV Channel 7 posted a request on Facebook, asking people who had lost an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19 to contact them for a story. The post has received more than 241,000 comments and most are about someone who was injured or died from the COVID shot, or who got severe COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated
  • Jodi O’Malley, a registered nurse who works for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is blowing the whistle on COVID jab injuries. Suspected vaccine injuries are not being reported, even though it’s required. In fact, few health care workers are familiar with this requirement and they don’t know how and where to file such reports
  • Brandon Schadt, a Johnson & Johnson regional business lead, has been caught on tape saying children should not get the COVID jab, and media cannot be trusted to tell the truth about the shots
  • Justin Durrant, a Johnson & Johnson scientist, agrees babies and young children don’t need the COVID shot, and tells the undercover reporter to not get the Johnson & Johnson COVID “vaccine”

At the end of June 2021, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson held a news conference with families who shared stories about the injuries they’d suffered as a result of taking the COVID jab. You can watch the hour-long meeting, which was widely censored and suppressed, above.

While Johnson is diplomatic, stating that most people have no problem after taking the jab, and that the shots have saved many lives, it seems clear that side effects from the COVID injections are FAR more common than anyone is willing to publicly admit.

Case in point: September 10, 2021, WXYZ-TV Channel 7 posted a request on Facebook,1,2 asking people who had lost an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19 to contact them for a story.

As of September 29, 2021, the post had more than 244,000 comments, and the vast majority are about someone who was injured or died from the COVID shot, or who got severe COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated. You can browse through the hundreds of thousands of comments here. Below are some examples of the comments posted on the site:

“My good friend’s grandpa just passed away due to receiving his booster vaccine.”

“How about doing a story about my uncle who was in fine shape until he got vaccinated. Or my boss’s uncle who was healthy and in his 50s, then died suddenly a week after getting vaccinated.”

“My sister-in-law’s father died of a stroke 48H after Moderna vax. He was active and healthy.”

“What about my husband’s boss who had two strokes after her second dose?! Not interested in that story?”

“The shot murdered my friend three weeks after he got it.”

“I have a close friend that now has myocarditis after the shots. High Mortality within 5 years. Perfectly healthy prior to the shots.”

“I know 2 women who had strokes right after their shot.”

“We lost an uncle to heart inflammation 2 days after he received the vaccine.”

“Lost a very dear man after his second dose of the vaccine and he said he regretted getting it and he advised me not to get it. How about reporting on those? He died of a brain aneurysm, and was a very healthy man.”

“My beautiful mother passed away recently, 23 days after having the first AstraZeneca shot (that I didn’t know she was getting). ‘Immunization’ was the ‘cause of death’ on her death certificate.”

“I now know more people injured by the vaccine than people who even had covid.”

“No but I know of two people who died from Covid after being fully vaccinated.”

“My uncle passed away 3 months after his second shot. He was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, had surgery, was released to rehab and then died of a blood clot. Thanks Pfizer.”

“I know two women who had miscarriages within 2 days of taking it.”

These responses are what you would call a major CLUE. As noted by one commenter, “Doesn’t sound like you’re getting the story you need judging by the vast majority of these comments about vaccine losses and side effects. Since there is such an overwhelming outpouring of vaccine reactions maybe do a story on that? There’s lots of people here to pool from it seems.”

We now also have medical insiders blowing the whistle, confirming COVID jab injuries are incredibly commonplace, and most are never reported. In an upcoming article, I will share businessman Steve Kirsch’s analysis that strongly suggests the reports in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is underreported by a factor of 41. This means there may actually be more than 200,000 deaths and up to 5 million COVID jab injuries.

HHS Whistleblower: ‘Evil at the Highest Level’

In a stunning Project Veritas report, Jodi O’Malley, a nurse working for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, reveals health officials are ignoring and covering up COVID-19 vaccine injuries.

O’Malley says she’s seen “dozens of people come in with adverse reactions,” including myocarditis, congestive heart failure and deaths, yet the reactions are not being reported. This, despite the fact that both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention require any suspected injury from an emergency use vaccine to be reported.

“If everyone is supposed to gather this data and report it, but no one is reporting it, how will anyone know the vaccine is truly safe? They don’t,” O’Malley says.

One of the reasons O’Malley decided to come forward, knowing she will likely lose her job over it, is because one of her coworkers who was coerced into taking the shot died. “Nobody should have to decide between their livelihood or take the vaccine,” O’Malley says.

She also points out that while there are medications such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine that have been shown to be safe and effective against the virus, the HHS will terminate anyone who uses these drugs. Were these drugs permitted, the COVID jab wouldn’t even qualify for emergency use. When O’Malley asks Gayle Lundberg, a DHHS pharmacist, if ivermectin can be given to a patient if the doctor is willing to prescribe it, Lundberg responds:

“I am stuck. I am told you are absolutely not to use [ivermectin] under any circumstances whatsoever for somebody with COVID, unless you don’t want to have a job. I’m not going to lose my job over this.”

“This is evil at the highest level,” O’Malley says. “You have the FDA, the CDC, that are both supposed to be protecting us, but they are under the government, and everything we’ve done so far is unscientific.”

Another whistleblower, Deborah Conrad, was recently featured in a Highwire exclusive. Conrad, a physician’s assistant, reveals there’s a complete disregard for the requirement to report COVID jab injuries at her hospital too. I will publish that interview this coming Friday, October 8, 2021.

Johnson & Johnson Officials Caught on Tape

Vaccine Injury

In Part 3 of its COVID vaccine investigative series, Project Veritas exposes the true sentiments of two Johnson & Johnson officials: Brandon Schadt, a Johnson & Johnson regional business lead, and Justin Durrant, a Johnson & Johnson scientist.

Speaking to an undercover Project Veritas reporter over a meal, Schadt admits he does not agree with the push to vaccinate children. “Kids shouldn’t get a f*cking [COVID] vaccine,” he says. “It’s terrible … It’s a kid, you just don’t do that, you know? Not something that’s so unknown in terms of repercussions down the road.”

When asked if we really have no idea what the long-term repercussions are, he replies, “I mean, how could you? Right? There’s nobody who’s 30 years in who said, ‘Hey, I had the vaccine and I don’t have a third eyeball.” When asked if we can trust the media when it comes to reporting on the COVID shots, Schadt states, “In no capacity should we ever trust anything that they say.”

Durrant also doesn’t think babies and young children need the jab, saying “It wouldn’t make that much of a difference” if children are unvaccinated for COVID. That said, he does seem to be onboard with the corporate policy to push the injection on adults, regardless of need or personal beliefs.

He admits that what they’re doing is making life so inconvenient for the unvaccinated that they just give up and get it. Despite that, Durrant tells the undercover reporter: “Don’t get the Johnson & Johnson [COVID vaccine]. I didn’t tell you [that] though.”

FDA Warnings Issued for Janssen, Pfizer and Moderna

In late April 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration added a warning label to the Janssen COVID shot about the risk for potentially serious blood clotting in the brain and other sites, including the abdomen and legs, in combination with thrombocytopenia (low platelet count), particularly among women.3,4 In mid-July, Guillain-Barre syndrome and altered immunocompetence were added to the list of warnings.5,6

In June 2021, Pfizer and Moderna both got warning labels added to their COVID shots as the FDA concluded there’s a “likely association” between the mRNA injections and heart inflammation in adolescents and young adults.7

June 24, 2021, Fierce Pharma reported that “heart inflammation has occurred at a rate of 12.6 per million among those aged 12 to 39, according to the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink.”8

Menstrual Problems Emerging as a Widespread Side Effect

One of the side effects that has yet to register on the FDA’s and CDC’s radar is menstrual irregularities among women. According to a September 16, 2021, editorial in The BMJ,9 more than 30,000 reports of menstrual irregularities and vaginal bleeding had been filed with the British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) Yellow Card Scheme, which collects and monitors adverse vaccine reactions, as of September 2, 2021.

The editorial was written by Victoria Male, a reproductive immunology specialist at the Imperial College of London. According to Male, the link between these bleeding irregularities and the COVID jabs, irrespective of brand, is a plausible one that warrants further investigation. She writes:10

“Menstrual changes have been reported after both mRNA and adenovirus vectored covid-19 vaccines, suggesting that, if there is a connection, it is likely to be a result of the immune response to vaccination rather than a specific vaccine component. 

Vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) has also been associated with menstrual changes. Indeed, the menstrual cycle can be affected by immune activation in response to various stimuli, including viral infection: in one study of menstruating women, around a quarter of those infected with SARS-CoV-2 experienced menstrual disruption. 

Biologically plausible mechanisms linking immune stimulation with menstrual changes include immunological influences on the hormones driving the menstrual cycle or effects mediated by immune cells in the lining of the uterus, which are involved in the cyclical build-up and breakdown of this tissue.”

Assistant professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dr. Kathryn Clancy, who is researching acute immune activation and menstrual repair mechanisms, told The Defender she’s “dismayed that the research design of [COVID] vaccine trials makes it impossible at this time to actually explore this relationship, and hope drug and vaccine manufacturers in the future take these considerations into account.”11

US Reports of Menstrual Irregularities

In the U.S., the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) had logged a total of 9,589 reports of menstrual disorders following a COVID injection as of September 17, 2021.12 Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, a pediatrician, also weighed in on The BMJ article, telling The Defender:13

“If we were to follow the scientific method, as it was taught in textbooks (knowing full well there is no longer any adherence to the scientific method), we would immediately see this observation of menstrual cycle changes in tens of thousands of women as a signal, for which necessary questions would need to be asked …

A true adherence to the scientific method would allow for answers to be reported without bias or prejudice for a desired outcome of the results … There is a long list of side effects that the manufacturers of the injection sent to the FDA in the fall of 2020. 

Many of the injuries people are reporting after receiving these injections, including bleeding, blood clots, autoimmunity, Guillain-Barré syndrome and many others, are well known to the manufacturers and the FDA but, the powers that be continue to ignore the reports of people presenting with these real-time adverse events, as if they have nothing to do with the injections, at all.

Essentially, they gathered the data in clinical trials but have kept them completely under wraps.”

Palevsky believes the menstrual irregularities reported by women who have gotten the COVID shot may be related to effects from the spike protein that their bodies are now producing.

NIH Funds Study to Investigate Menstrual Irregularities

In early September 2021, the Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the Office of Research on Women’s Health, both of which are part of the National Institutes of Health, announced they will award $1.67 million in grants to five research institutions to investigate the link between menstrual irregularities and the COVID jabs.14,15

Over the next year, researchers at Boston University, Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins University, Michigan State University and Oregon Health and Science University, will try to determine whether the menstrual changes are directly linked to the COVID shots, how long the changes last, and what the underlying mechanism is.

The five studies are expected to enroll somewhere between 400,000 and 500,000 participants, according to Dr. Diana Bianchi, director of the Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

There’s also an independent group that is collecting data from unvaccinated women who are experiencing abnormal bleeding patterns after coming into close contact with a COVID jabbed individual. Palevsky and Dr. Christiane Northrup are part of this research group, among others. You can find more information about this project on

Mounting Data Tell a Horrifying Story

In closing, while authorities insist the COVID shots are “safe and effective,” mounting data tell a different story. Not only are the injections losing effectiveness within months, as demonstrated by Israeli data discussed in the video above, VAERS has also received more than 726,960 adverse events reports following the COVID shot, including 15,386 deaths and 66,642 hospitalizations, as of September 17, 2021.17

These numbers are so staggering, there’s really nothing that can compare. In nine months, these shots have caused more VAERS reports of injury and death in the United States than all available vaccines over the past 30 years. A similar situation can be seen in the U.K., where 30,305 people have died within 21 days of their COVID shot. And that was just within the first six months of the vaccine rollout.18

In August 2021, Japan’s health ministry suspended the use of 1.63 million doses of Moderna’s injection after finding foreign substances that looked like metal particles in some vials. Then, in mid-September, suspected contaminants were discovered in a particular lot of Pfizer’s injection as well.19 Still, we’re told to just roll up our sleeves and ask no questions. Why?

As noted by Schadt, the Johnson & Johnson employee caught on tape by Project Veritas, the mass vaccination campaign isn’t really about public health, it’s about politics and money. Beyond that, I believe it’s about building the control mechanism needed for the Great Reset. Vaccine passports will allow unelected technocrats to control and manipulate the whole world according to their own whims.

As expected, it doesn’t end with two doses. In Israel, a fourth Pfizer shot is already being rolled out, and the year isn’t even over yet. And all those who took the first two doses will now lose all of their freedoms all over again, until they catch up on the recommended boosters. This is precisely what we can expect to happen everywhere else in the world, where vaccine passports are rolled out.

Freedoms are being tied to being up-to-date on your vaccinations, and once COVID-19 disappears, if ever, they’ll just come out with something else that must be injected into you if you want to work, go to school, travel, shop or live a semi-normal life.

This is what the new biosecurity state is built around. The question is, is that any kind of life? Is that how we want to live? Is this the world we want for our children and grandchildren? If not, we must all do our part and resist mandates, vaccine passports and restrictions based on vaccine status. The good news is, together we can win, because there are far more of us than there are of them.

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