Is it Snake Venom Poisoning? Is it in the Water?

So, the world premier of “Watch The Water” documentary came out this week. The documentary certainly contained some shocking content, to say the least. Dr. Bryan Ardis makes a compelling case that the symptomology of Covid-19 disease, Covid-19 jab-related adverse events, and Remdesivir-related adverse events are all analagous to snake venom poisoning. However, the idea that there could be enough snake venom in the municipal water supply to cause widescale harm to people seems to be a bit of a stretch* — the massive dilution would render the poison too weak to do harm, plus municipal water is treated with chlorine which would neutralize the poison (not to mention also that snake venom is not normally harmful when ingested unless it leaks through the gut into the bloodstream). The documentary itself seemed a bit short on evidence and did not include references. However, what did provide many references was a separate 3-part interview between Dr. Ardis and Mike Adams released the same day on Links to the videos are provided below, as well as a summary of all the links to the documents referred to in the Brighteon interview, which is worthy of your study and critique.

*In part 3 of the Brighteon interview, Dr. Ardis explains that the “Bat-Lady” from China testified in DC that they experimented frequently on the local surrounding population in Wuhan with their gain-of-function products, and the way they did it was to put it in water, freeze it, cut it into ice cubes and deliver it to the local population. This seems to be a more sensible approach (if you were trying to poison a mass populace) than trying to put it in a municipal water supply where such toxins would be subject to heavy dilution, neutralization, and/or interference by other compounds (toxic or not) which may be in the water already. Dr. Ardis also was open to the possibility that the venoms could be attached to viral vectors and spread in aerosolized form.



Watch The Water Documentary:

In the documentary: Watch The Waters, hosted by Stew Peters, Dr. Bryan Ardis suggests a link between snake venom and the COVID crisis. This has caused a great deal of controversy. Word famous chemist and researcher Dr. Dave Rasnick refutes many of the things that Dr. Ardis put forth. This is a dynamic, no holds barred interview hosted by Curtis Cost.

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