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Get The Fundamentals of The Preventative and Early Outpatient Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance Protocols

The FLCCC Alliance was organised in March, 2020 by a group of highly published, world renowned Critical Care physician/scholars – with the academic support of allied physicians from around the world – to research and develop lifesaving protocols for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in all stages of illness. Their MATH+ Hospital Treatment ProtocolContinue reading

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Resolving “Long-Haul COVID” and Vaccine Toxicity: Neutralizing the Spike Protein

A substantial number of agents have already been found to be highly effective in resolving COVID infections, and even more are continuing to be discovered as worldwide research efforts have so intensely focused on curing this infection (Levy, 2020)

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Speaking Out Caused mRNA Vaccine Technology Inventor Erased From History Books

The inventor of the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, spoke out and warned the world about the COVID injections and has been erased from the history books.

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Covid-19 Protection of the Common Cold

University of Glasgow - scientists say it appears cold-causing rhinovirus trumps coronavirus. The benefits might be short-lived but rhinovirus is so widespread, they add, it could still help to suppress Covid.

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If You Get COVID 19: Optimize Immune System (Vitamin D, Monoclonal Antibodies, NAC, Quercetin etc.)

Professor Roger Seheult, MD gives practical strategies if you test positive for COVID-19 (or are in contact with someone who tested positive)

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