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Many are waking up Pat. Many will remain indoctrinated by their slave master - the drug companies.

Agreed Guy. First of all we must be clear from specific words. Vaccine - this is not a vaccine they pushing. What is it? Second, there is no isolation of the actual so called virus - therefore it does not exists. Or does it? Although something exists, the manipulators have...

Various factors are involved in an immune response to anything foreign in the body. Genetics, stress, exercise, lifestyle and more contribute. Eating a traditional western diet and taking supplements does not help but no ideal. THere are ways to maximise the immune response. The world is learning and understanding...

Thank you for sharing such truth. More people to share their voice and truth about the results of natural treatments and innate God given immunity.

All Universities and corporate organisation's fail to realise the risk they adding to the lives of those that are coerced to take the shot. It is not about immunity. They are captured and I hope many will see the true agenda. The question is how do we get this...

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