Military Med Skyrocketing Disease Data Leaked! Biden Regime Knowingly Continues Destruction Of Force


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The USA Defense Medical Epidemiological Data System (DMED) via its sub-unit, the Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS), records the results of all medical consultations for serving and non-serving military personnel. It is like the VAERS except that all data is entered by the doctors personally after the consultation. VAERS records about 1% of incidents while DMED records 100% of diagnosis.

Emerging data shows that, from a stable baseline established over the last five years (which included 2020 when no bump in cases was seen) a massive rise has occurred. The reporting year is not complete. Only 10 months are covered. Experienced observers attribute this rise to military personnel who received CV-19 injections.

The current data reflects diseases in 2021 through the tenth month only. All data reflects reporting from January through November 2021. Annual cases are average over the past five years. The recorded increase above the established baseline is (for 10 months):

  • Myocardial Infarction / Heart Attack heart rose 269% from 612 annual cases to YTD 1,650.
  • Pericarditis rose 175% from 589 annual cases to YTD 1,029.
  • Myocarditis rose 285% from 127 annual cases to YTD 363.
  • Pulmonary embolisms 467% from 746 annual cases to YTD 3,489,
  • Cerebral infarction rose 393% with current YTD 3,438.
  • Bell’s Palsy rose 319% with current YTD 1,470.
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome rose 250% with current YTD 3,635.
  • Immunodeficiencies rose 275% with current YTD 3,172.
  • Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura rose 322% with current YTD 564.
  • Menstrual Irregularity rose 476% with current YTD 22,938.
  • Multiple Schlerosis / Demyelinating Diagnosis rose 487% with current YTD 3,444 .
  • Neoplasms (tissue growth, often cancer precursor) rose 296% with current YTD 114,645.
  • Nontraumatic Subarchnoid Hemorrhage/ICH rose 312% with current YTD 1,858.
  • Spontaneous Abortion / Miscarriage rose 306% with current YTD 4,602.
  • Disseminate Intravascular Coagulation rose 1,175% from 7 annual cases to YTD 87.
  • HIV rose 590% from 454 annual cases to YTD 2,681.
  • Chest pain rose 1,529% from 4,892 annual cases to YTD 74,813 individuals.
  • Dyspnea / Difficult or labored breathing rose 905% from 4,968 annual cases to YTD 44,990.

Why would the DoD knowingly continue to harm the service members that comprise the military? While we can’t answer that question for certain, we can offer a great deal of information which we have use to form our own opinion.

Truth cannot be hidden and is always revealed.

Source: The Georgia Record

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