Misinformation You Need to Know About

Dr Richard Fleming presents eighteen pieces of misinformation you need to know about. Include in the presentation are the various conflicts of interest, lack of knowledge, and intentional and knowing dishonesty.

Richard Fleming. PhD, MD, JD

In 1994, Dr. Fleming presented to the American Heart Association his “theory” that cardiovascular disease was due to inflammation.  What was theory in 1994 has become well known fact for decades and was highlighted in 2004,with a feature on ABC’s 20/20 News.

Patent # 9566037 was issued to  Dr. Fleming on February 14, 2017.

The Fleming Method patent (FMTVDM) covers ALL methods and devices able to measure metabolic and regional blood flow differences.  This breakthrough made it possible to differentiate functionality of tissue, tissue types as well as non-tissue, and the measurement of treatment response using all isotopes, enhancing agents and devices capable of detecting and measuring isotopes. 

The presentation was in response to questions being asked of Dr Richard Fleming presented on 22 February 2022.

Watch the video here.

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