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The Difference Between Traditional vs
Needs-Matched Cover?

The traditional industry approach to injury and illness cover is predominantly focused on benefits that pay a lump sum if you are permanently disabled or suffer a critical illness. The consequence of this is there wouldn’t be a payout for many of the most common injuries or illnesses that prevent you from earning an income.

Do you have enough put away if this happens to cancer is your path?

Lung Cancer Claim I

314 days off working

Lung Cancer Claim II

365 days of working

Are Your Financial Exposures Sufficiently Covered

The Majority Do Not!

A study conducted reveals a 34.7 Trillion Income GAP for the family left behind and a R19.3 Trillion disability GAP. This shows how South Africans are under insured given their health outcomes.

Professional's Assurer

Professional's insurance company had a 15% increase in Sickness Benefits Paid and a 43% in Long term Disability Claims.

FMI 2020 Claims Report

Specialist Income-Protection Assurer

Tracking Claims Over time

Cancer is the leading cause of Critical Illness Lump Sum claims and accounted for over 40% of all claims.  

Can You See Why So Many People Just Like You Are

Moving Their Business Into Needs-Matched Cover?

Client (50) diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and booked off work 297 days

Client with cancer booked off work for 312 days

Client had hip replacement and paid R145,500 while off work

November 2020, a 38-year-old mechanical engineer, was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. This diagnosis immediately qualified for a 100% pay-out under needs -matched additional expense needs as a single lump sum. A stage 3 cancer diagnosis is also a clinical definition listed in temporary expenses cover with a stated pay-out period of five months, which the client elected to take as a recurring income stream. After the stated pay-out period ended, the client was still booked off work, and the insurer continued to pay under sickness criteria for a further six months. September 2021, the client went to the hospital. Cancer had progressed to stage 4 colon cancer. He submitted his claim for permanent expenses cover and was paid 100% of his cover amount as a lump sum. In addition, a clinical definition that pays out on diagnosis of stage 4 cancer and not when the condition is well progressed as is with traditional insurers where they all require the insured to undergo optimal treatment before paying the claim. In addition, two providers also have a three-month survival period for this condition. This means no payment would be paid for cancer should one pass away during the survival period In total, R14 369 362 under permanent expenses cover, and R2 400 000 in debt needs cover was paid out. This policy was optimally structured because, by doing this, the client paid less for cover that he would not have needed after becoming permanently disabled, thereby enhancing the needs-matched pricing efficiency. The balance of the cover was placed under household needs and allowed him to cover significantly more than he could with any other provider. Sadly, the client passed away in October later the same year, and the family was paid out the remaining death cover, also placed under household needs.

Why Do Life Assures or Medical Aids Continue With The Fear Of Death Message?

The Insurance Industry Does Not Want You To Know This!

A personalised lifestyle protocol to personal wellbeing will change the way you view financing the impact of a death, an injury or an illness or disease that could derail life for almost anyone. This does not happen overnight, but once you get it right, the need for most insurance cover reduces substantially. The traditional approach is fraught with many shortcomings that you're paying for!

Heart disease remains the number 1 killer; diabetes and dementia enters the top 10

Heart disease has remained the leading cause of death at the global level for the last 20 years. However, it is now killing more people than ever before. The number of deaths from heart disease increased by more than 2 million since 2000, to nearly 9 million in 2019.

Cancer continues to be the leading cause of critical illness claims paid in the South African industry.

Cancer was the 3rd most common income protection claim and accounted for 3.1% of all claims paid. A further 40% of all critical illness claims  were due to cancer.

What About Needs-Matched Cover And Knowing How To Prevent Developing The Top Lifestyle Diseases?

Noncommunicable diseases (lifestyle diseases) now make up 7 of the world’s top 10 causes of death, according to WHO’s 2019 Global Health Estimates, published today. This is an increase from 4 of the 10 leading causes in 2000. The new data cover the period from 2000 to 2019 inclusive.

All these diseases are preventable. Ask any top alternative or board certified functional medical practitioner.

We Can All Live to 100 Drug-Free And Healthy.We Will Show You How When You Work With Us!

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If you like us and the 2 million others, we believe in finding the best value for our. We also believe that where we buy our cover, the fine print needs to become the large print. With many claims being repudiated by some very innovation 'so-called' insurer's, we rather enjoy the peace of mind of being with an insurer that innovated while providing a 'Needs-Matched' Approach to what we require! It is literally as simple as


Your Uniqueness

Health equality means giving every person the same thing. Health equity means giving people what they truly need to reach their optimal health. Does your medical scheme see you as unique and respect your health choice? Has your broker or medical aid done anything to show you how to take preventative actions to support your immune system and how to go about improving your health to reduce your plan option? Your immunity to a virus or disease is largely determined by the saturation of nutrients you put into your body - from what you eat or don't eat. Using the correct nutrition to improve a weakened immune system is vital to optimal wellbeing.

What Happened To Consent

Our constitution protects our rights, including our health freedom to choose an intervention or not. The international Nuremberg Code which the world subscribes to, safeguards against human medical experiments without informed consent. Our belief in free will plays a major role in our country. Being coerced and/or threatened with job loss, discriminated against, stigmatised or other consequence is against everything our constitution stands for. Today, for some reason, it is real. If anyone is meant to take any medical treatment it must be done under the acceptance of being fully informed. The lack of informed consent today has led friends, family and colleagues to be injected with a substance that is unknown to the patient.


Up to 30% in savings off what you paying away to an insurer
Contribution Example M+1
Hospital Plan
Current medical scheme premium: R3,691 pm

Comparable Suggested Option: R 2,790 pm

Upgrade with R501 savings per month
Pay less than current hospital only plan of R3410
Contribution Example M+3
Hospital Plan with Savings
Current medical scheme premium: R9,420 pm

Comparable Suggested Option: R 7,241 pm
A scheme that is ranked at the forefront of customer experience in the 2020 and 2021 South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SA-csi)
Winner of the 2020 Ask Afrika Orange Index® award for service excellence in the medical aid industry category.

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Did You Know?

Health, Immuninty and The Struggle with Excess Weight

Obesity is, along with cancer, the main global epidemic worldwide. 350 million people are considered obese, and 1.1 billion overweight. In most cases this is a preventable pathological condition caused by the excessive accumulation of body fat that leads to 2.8 million deaths per year, due to associated risk factors such as cardiovascular, inflammatory diseases, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

Did You Know?

Why are genetics important in managing weight?

In most cases struggling to lose weight is caused by a combination of lifestyle choices (processed foods, sedentary routine) and genetic variability (different responses to nutrition and exercise), the same diet and physical activity can have very different effects on different people. Genetics and environment are extremely important factors in deciding how each person should approach weight management.

“I learnt that I had many factors contributed to the fear that drove me to buy insurance and in many instances the overpriced policy. Being afraid of developing cancer dementia like my mom, these thoughts have always kept me in the fear zone. After learning and understanding that the main diseases the majority suffer from or die, can be prevented from adapting my lifestyle. My diet was supposedly very good compared to the average however, after working with Peter and his team of functional and alternative health practitioners has given me a roadmap to prevent what I have always been afraid of. I buy insurance today, not because of the fear, but rather because of the need for certain cover because I would not be able to afford funding my own salary for 12 or even 24 months.That would literally cripple me.
Norma Jenkins

Studies and experience have shown us that our reactions to so-called healthy foods, pharmaceutical drugs (called medicine), and the multitude of diets, cause varying effects on each person.  One size does not fit all! Humans are 99.5% the same, but that 0.5% makes all the difference. Our network partner’s will help you find your difference!

There are only a few people that truly understand their risk of future disease and know how to mitigate against it. Today man seems to be in the self destruct mode, killing off one cell at a time.  One thing Covid-19 has shown is how many live in fear. Going through a personalised financial and health assessment will give you a plan to manage your health and financial risk. 


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Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot:

We partner with a number of authorised financial services provider’s with a national footprint that spans across Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, the Eastern and Western Cape.

We also partner with functional and natural health practitioners. In our legal applications we team up with other attorneys and advocates.

This question has been the driving factor behind ongoing research into the escalating increase in health cost and financial portfolio’s. We live in a world that now believes in prevention ahead of cure, and their work is equipping you to safeguard your financial provision and health vitality by implementing subtle but important changes.

During such draconian times, to find a provider that is PRO-CHOICE is the first objective. That is what you will get as the provider’s have done their job in finding these medical schemes and or insurance companies. Once you have submitted your details, the advisor who is working on your matter will present what is available in comparison to what you have now. In this way you are never left with less than you have. You will always be covered according to your needs. 

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