Repurposed For The Time

If you find yourself trying to explain the past two years to a believer of what their government is forcing onto the people, then refer them to watch, hopefully with an open mind, a dialogue between two individuals, who collectively have over 800,000 people watching what they put out.

What stood out was the approach they speak of by all parties pushing for everyone to be vaxxed. The bottom line and definite red flag was the mantra of if you do not agree with the force behind the push, then be prepared to be bullied.

Information coming from official sources was intensified by the threat and quickly became a slinging match with some in the playground being bullied by big boys’.

This is so inappropriate!

This was an emergency facing the entire world and within minutes the best tool at the disposal had been calling people names. There is no credible and readily understood argument that was made in a calm voice to explain to us why we ought to take the injection.

What was interesting is Tess Laurie needed to be something else. She had been repurposed for the good. Does that not feel like all of us, are being repurposed for the time we live in.

Enjoy the listen-in. . .

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