Stop Assuming It’s Omicron – Part 2

This Week In COVID 2 of 3

In This Special Edition

  • On December 18, 2021, the CDC claimed that 73.2% of all US COVID cases were Omicron but made this claim with only 0.00028% of positive COVID samples (1 By CDC, 4 In Total) having undergone genomic sequencing to confirm that the B.1.1.529 Omicron variant was in circulation in the US.
  • By December 24, 2021, the CDC had confirmed 3 cases of Omicron in the US and various US Health Departments had confirmed 3 more, for a grand total of 6 confirmed Omicron cases in the US according to the gold-standard for testing that is genomic sequencing. This out of more than 1.5 million samples that have undergone genomic sequencing, of which over 1 million have been performed by the CDC. 
  • Joseph Biden’s new war on COVID and against the unvaccinated and healthy…Joeseph’s new war that he launched on Dec 21st…Joseph’s new war spending that gets added to the more than 1.9 Trillion already spent this year and that costs more than the entire New Deal did for President Roosevelt…[drumroll] Joseph’s new war was based upon exactly 1 confirmed case of B.1.1.529 Omicron by the CDC, before he committed billions of dollars from the American taxpayer.
  • When someone lies to you for Omicron, especially for profit, perhaps the best policy we can have is to believe them the first time, or second time, or third time (Alpha, Beta, Delta)?


We ended Part 1 by asking this question.

‘How does the CDC get from 0.7% in actual Omicron data on Dec 4th to 73.2% in projected Omicron cases by Dec 18th?’

As of December 4, 2021, Omicron makes up 0.7% of US cases nationwide when CDC Nowcast guesstimate projections are turned off.

As of December 18, 2021, Omicron makes up 73.2% of US cases nationwide with CDC Nowcast guesstimate projections turned on. 72.5% is one heck of a jump in only 2 weeks. Certainly, there has to be empirical evidence to base this on, right?!

The CDC claims to perform genomic sequencing on approximately 1-2% of positive PCR samples in order to confirm which variants are most prominent in the country.

So, if there have been approximately 50 million positive cases in the US thus far, then that would mean the CDC has performed additional genomic sequencing on approximately 500,000 to 1 million positive PCR samples to date.

But where can the public find the CDC’s genomic sequencing results? 

After all, what’s more American than being informed, critically-thinking for ourselves, fighting for freedom, and holding corrupt government officials accountable for acts of willful misconduct through grand jury petitions?

Could the empirical evidence I’ve been looking for since Delta became a household name over the summer be right here at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)? 

Could the NCBI have the search engine of my dreams and give me access to over 2.9 million nucleotide records specifically for SARS-COV-2? Are records ready to reveal the truth hiding in plain sight to a dumb taxpayer like me?

Why YES! The NCBI could be the greatest Christmas gift of all time to an investigative nerd like me.

Let’s take a look inside and see how many of the SARS-COV-2 nucleotide records were published by the CDC. Looks like 1,086,788 nucleotide records as of research performed on Dec 26th, 2021 at 2:16p Pacific. Isn’t that about the number of samples the CDC claims to have performed genomic sequencing on? 

Heavens to Betsy, it is! This means that if this is indeed the CDC’s repository for genomic sequencing results, then they are publishing ALL of their results or damn near all. 

GREAT NEWS for an investigative nerd and ignorant taxpayer, like me.

So, let’s do our duty, roll up our sleeves and see how many of the results are confirmed Omicron, which can be identified by the Pangolin (Pango Lineage – B.1.1.529). 

My mind races thinking that there must be thousands of results in here over the past week or so. This sudden surge in genomic sequencing that proves Omicron is running rampant must be how the CDC came up with their 73.2% guesstimate for Omicron nationwide.

How exciting! We’re about to confirm that the CDC is actually telling the truth for once, right?

OMG! I can’t wait!

And just as I got my Dwight K. Schrute bear horn ready for celebration…I found this…


Walensky, Biden, ‘the Puppy Killer’ Tony Fauci, Bill Gates…all people who stand to pathologically profit from the fear of Omicron…all of them are telling us that the unvaccinated shouldn’t go to church, or go to be with family to open presents, and we should all be alone at the holidays for dinner.

But then in the next breath…they all say how much they care about us dumb, stupid, unvaccinated taxpayers being misled by misinformationists like the great Dr. Peter McCullough.

How touching…How sweet…I never know Pharma cared so much about me and not my money.

FLASH! Omicron is sweeping the nation…

Fear is wrapped and waiting for everyone under their Christmas tree…

Joseph Biden has committed to spending BILLIONS more for inaccurate tests and experimental shots and new experimental pills. This is on top of the TRILLIONS of dollars of American taxpayer money he’s already spent on propaganda marketing campaigns, inaccurate tests, and experimental shots that don’t work, but do injure (see any ‘This Week In COVID’ by Dr. Henry Ealy for statistical evidence)…

And Democratic mayors are freaking out all over again and making segregation the law of the land again in Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Philadelphia…

What’s Christmas without chaos? Chaos created from…

ONLY 3 Confirmed OMICRON Cases!!!

That can’t be right, there must be more. Certainly, other public health offices are publishing confirmatory proof that it is indeed Omicron that’s sweeping the nation anew just like when Delta did its national rockstar tour over the summer, right? 

Let’s take a look.

ONLY 6!!!

ONLY 6 confirmed Omicron cases in the US according to genomic sequence testing from any source? 

Let it be known that genomic sequencing is the gold-standard for definitively testing for variants. Without it, any PCR result is just a guess of which variant. Remember, current PCR tests cannot distinguish between varieties of viral variants. (Say that 3 times fast)

December 26th, 2021, a full 5 days since everyone’s favorite elected senile senior, Joseph Biden, admonished anyone practicing critical thinking and exercising their freedom to decline to be experimented on. It’s been only 5 days since ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ told all the unvaccinated heathens in the US lucky enough to pay taxes…well this caring senile senior told us that we’re all going to die, Die, DIE and murder a few of the fully vaccinated too somehow!

Oh…and he also wished us a Merry Christmas too.

So, let me get this straight…Joseph Biden, who has the nerve to attempt to attack the honorable Dr. Peter McCullough for advocating for early treatment and accurate information and the nerve to fear monger days before Christmas as evidence-based treatments are being withheld…let me get this straight…

As of research performed on December 26th, the CDC has published 1,086,788 nucleotide records for genomic sequencing performed on 1-2% of all positive PCR tests, and ONLY 3 of those records are confirmed B.1.1.529 Omicron variant?

I’m no epidemiologist, but I can do basic math. So, that means only 0.00028% of cases published by the CDC are B.1.1.529 Omicron as of December 26, 2021.

But 2 of those 3 CDC confirmed cases didn’t result until December 23rd, which was 2 days after Joseph Biden’s Merry Christmas & Happy Doomsday address.

So, that must mean, 3 minus 1, hold on, let me get my science calculator…If there are 3 Omicron cases confirmed by the CDC on Dec 26 and two of the Omicron cases didn’t result until 2 days after Biden’s speech from the gates of hell…

Then that means when Joseph Biden told the American taxpayer he was going to misappropriate…uhhh spend…billions more of our dollars on things that don’t work…that means it was based upon exactly 1 Omicron case confirmed by the CDC.   

So how, in God’s name, does the CDC turn a single case of confirmed Omicron, or three cases that makeup only 0.00028% of all genome sequenced samples, how does the CDC project that out to equal 73.2% for all current COVID cases?  

I know our educational system is in shambles and people love money, but hate math…but what kind of new math can turn 0.00028% into 73.2%?

I guess 0.0028% wants to identify as 73.2% now.

What is this Trans-Numberism?

This is why we don’t guess. Because when people at the CDC guess, they are almost always VERY wrong.

But let’s not waste this opportunity to analyze. There is some good data in here at the NCBI, let’s take a look at the Delta variant…How bad was the B.1.617.2 variant, better known as the dreaded Delta, so we can get an idea of how bad the less severe Omicron will be in terms of infective spread…

In Part 3 of this investigation, we’ll look into how bad the CDC is at basic math, we’ll answer the questions, ’How bad was Delta in the US according to the actual empirical evidence provided by genomic sequencing? And did the CDC report the truth?’

Research Note From The Author

I always verify my research several days after completing it and did so here as well. On December 27th, 2021, 8 new samples from the CDC were confirmed for Omicron, but their release date was posted as of December 25th, 2021 instead of December 27th, 2021. 

This may reflect a delay in reporting due to Christmas, still, the inclusion of these samples does not statistically alter the analysis and does not change the fact that there was only 1 CDC published confirmed Omicron case prior to Joseph Biden spending billions more of American taxpayer dollars.

Had I included the 8 confirmed Omicron cases that were published 2 days after their release date, then the percentage of confirmed Omicron cases based upon genetic sequencing changes only from 0.00028% to 0.001%, and the number of CDC confirmed Omicron cases increases from 3 to 11 total cases in the United States out of 55,625 submitted samples for the week ending December 26th, 2021.

This means only 0.019% of all samples submitted by the CDC for the week ending December 26th, 2021, have resulted in an Omicron confirmation thus far, not the 73.2% being guesstimated by the CDC.


Dr. Henry Ealy

Dr. Henry Ealy

Dr. Henry Ealy (Dr. H) is the Founder of, & Executive Community Director for, the Energetic Health Institute. He holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from SCNM, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA, is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition by the NANP and a proud Jackie Robinson Scholarship Alumnus. He has over 20 years of teaching & clinical experience helping people care for their amazing body by unlocking the healing potential of Natural Medicines.

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