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New To Genetics, You May Need A Practitioner To Highlight How To Practically Implement The Insights Of Your Report

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An Accredited Practitioner Will Decipher and interpret your report and discuss the results with you.

We apply a risk based methodology to determine your genetic impairments and how to support them.

Not knowing your genetic impairments, could increase your risk of future disease, struggling with losing weight, building muscle, mental clarity and so much more . . .

We Can Only Take On A Limited Number Of Clients

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We only have so many highly qualified experts that weu2019ve certified to our standards.u00a0
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There is nothing in this world that could be a better investment than the one in yourself.

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Desiphering Your Gene Report
ZAR 2100
  • 6-7 hours deciphering
  • Detailing practical Insights
  • Expert interpretation
  • Once in a lifetime test

The Report Process

  • Decipher

    On receipt of your DNA test result we spend 6-7 hours deciphering and interpreting the key findings of your report into our own risk model.

  • Schedule

    We create a summarised schedule from your report that will guide you towards your first steps.

  • Appointment

    When your report feedback is ready, we send a mail to schedule an in-person or online feedback session of 60-90 minutes. A practitioner or Peter Smanjak will discuss the results with you in person or online. Please note this offer is only for one report.

  • Follow Up

    Following the report feedback one of our team members will check in to see how you doing.

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